By accessing or using our products and services, you agree to abide by our carefully crafted Terms and Conditions. These guidelines outline the rules of engagement, usage policies, and the responsibilities of both parties, our esteemed customers and us. These terms ensure a harmonious and secure experience for all. Please review the complete document to understand the scope, limitations, and rights associated with our offerings. Your use of our products/services signifies your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
Return and exchange policy

1- In the case of return and exchange of our Terms and conditions, the original purchase document (the invoice) must be presented.

2- The customer has the right to return or exchange the product within 14 days from the date of purchase (except for accessories, toys, and medicines for cats and dogs)

3- The product can be replaced or returned through the main branch in Lahore

Cases that the product is not exchanged or returned

1- In the event of misuse of the product or the presence of traces of use that alter the quality of the product

2- In the case of purchase through an offer, there is no return

In case of replacement

1- One of our employees will inspect the product and in case of misuse, it will be replaced

2- In the event that any essential part of the product is lost, the replacement will not be made

3- In the event of a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced immediately

4- In the event that the part to be replaced runs out, it must be replaced with a product similar in use or the same material value

5- It is not permissible to replace or return any product that has been previously used and is not in conformity with the original quality condition

Regular delivery contract service

1- In the event that the customer wants to receive the same product on fixed dates (weekly – monthly), the customer service is contacted to record the complete data

2- It is possible to cancel the order one day before the agreed date

Passenger service

In the event that you travel outside the Pakistan and wish to deliver your pet products on fixed dates

The customer service will be contacted and the data will be recorded and you will receive it on time (in this case the payment is made in advance before the product is delivered according to our Terms and conditions)

general information

We have a delivery service to all governorates of the Pakistan daily.

In the event that several orders are requested separately, please contact customer service until they are collected, so the shipping value will be lower.