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The American Veterinary Practice News website says that it is surprising that many people do not realize how lucky we are to have pets in our lives, given their companionship that gives us calm and unconditional love .
The site added that there is a dualistic view of raising pets, as many people praise the development of the relationship between pets and people, as a positive and beneficial thing for our humanity, but at the same time, they question the feasibility of raising them and considering the expenses of raising them as a kind of extravagance and luxury .

The site adds that the relationship between us and pets is a complex and symbiotic relationship, and its nature determines the extent of our human development.

Perhaps this explains why people continue to keep pets, especially after humanity has passed the stage of needing animals for survival, such as protection, hunting and other uses.

Pets and happiness

Those who are keen on raising animals know very well that they are not luxuries, and certainly not necessities or major priorities. But it is also not, as others describe it, as a tolerant drain of self and personal resources, and a threat to the future of the economy, given that spending on it is a waste of money.

The site indicates that often the only motivation to get out of bed is to feed the pet, as pets actually help to overcome psychological crises, overcome loneliness, and add a lot of fun to our lives, and share our feelings

So is animal husbandry healthy?

There are thousands of medical research studies on health risks and germs transmitted by animals, and many people refuse to keep pets for this reason, especially if they have children at home, and indeed there are some risks and there are some benefits, but it is certain that those risks can be avoided through some measures.

First, the health benefits of animal husbandry:

The American Harvard University website says that research indicates that your pet may protect you from heart disease and help you live longer, but this does not prevent the presence of some other health risks that depend on the type of animal you own, and the way you interact with it.

Thomas Lee, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at the university, says that those who raise dogs are healthier, and there is no evidence yet to suggest that cats are associated with the same results, and dogs make you more active, especially since raising them forces you to take them with them daily.


And the American “Medical News Today” website says that a recent study shows that the glow of the eyes of the famous dog puppy leads to a massive increase in the levels of oxytocin, the “love hormone” responsible for feelings of motherhood 300%.

A study published in December 2014, confirmed that pets help in the development of social skills, especially for children with autism.

In a previous study dated May 2013, a study published in the journal “Circulation” linked pet ownership to a reduced risk of heart disease, and the results were not limited to dogs only .

Animal husbandry risks:

All you have to do is follow up your pet on a daily basis, with a veterinarian, keep vaccinations, keep your animal in good health, take care of its cleanliness on a daily basis, avoid touching animal waste, and quickly dispose of it.

And you should wash your hands immediately after handling animals, and be careful to avoid scratches and bites while playing, and disinfect the wounds resulting from them immediately, after washing with hot water and soap.

Care must also be taken to protect pets from insects and fleas by cleaning the house well and the animal as well, as they lead to the risk of tapeworm infection.

Doctors confirm that the possibility of someone contracting a disease from his pet is low, especially if the right precautions are taken. With this in mind, there is no reason why millions of pet owners cannot enjoy the companionship and pleasure that their animals provide.

Dr. Hisham Mohamed

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