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Do pets transmit COVID-19?
The answer is simply that there is no scientific evidence so far that pets can transmit the Coronavirus to humans or vice versa.
The diagnosis of a dog in Hong Kong with the Coronavirus slightly and its owner was infected with the disease, causing some confusion and doubts.
According to the findings of the French health agency, it was not found that there was no evidence that domestic animals could play a role in the spread of the virus.
As for the Hong Kong dog, it was subjected to a precautionary quarantine, and 5 samples were taken from it in a row within 10 days, and the results were the first two samples were weakly positive, and the rest of the samples were negative. The authorities there recommended that pets owned by people infected with the virus should be quarantined for a period of 14 days as a precautionary measure, control, prevention, and examinations.
We advise the pet breeders not to leave the house for safety and prevention, or if it is necessary to go down, before going down it is possible to spray the animal’s body with vinegar diluted 25% or take a bath with water and shampoo or soap, then rinse and dry well and not be exposed to air currents, preferably on the days Warm and in the day.
May God protect us and you from epidemics and diseases and all bad, and may God grant you health and wellness
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Major General Doctor / Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim,
former director of the Security and Guard Dog Training Department at the Police Academy,

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