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That’s why we will explain everything about the topic in detail
Toxoplasmosis, cat disease

As soon as the parasite enters the cat’s intestines through the mouth, it begins to multiply rapidly inside the intestine until it reaches the stage of oocyst, and it remains with the feces, and from here the infection is transmitted to us

The infection occurs in many ways, for example, we clean the sandbox with our hands and wash it before eating, and the
the strangest thing is the possibility of infection to people who do not raise cats at all,
and this is if we eat processed meat such as luncheon, pastrami, and sausage,
then the parasite will enter the human digestive system and multiply very quickly in the intestines and spread rapidly in the body through The way to the lymphatic system

All I said is the person’s immunity, the microbe penetrates the body and causes problems such as pneumonia, meningitis, and myocarditis. Of course, if the mother is pregnant, it will be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta and
cause abortion, or the fetus is born dead or is born incomplete and suffers from countless problems such as difficulty breastfeeding, enlarged liver Swollen lymph nodes, severe anemia, etc

Unfortunately, there is no immunization against this disease, but prevention is better than cure

Necessary move away from eating processed meat and when eating meat must be settled p fire Kues very wash vegetables and fruits Kues Aowoy
needed and Ehna Bntaaml with cat feces Inchilh using special wear Geloues shovel and wash our hands very Kues
needed careful p clean our cat and give vaccinations worms periodically and regularly
should not sticking directly to Lakewank during sleep and pet alertness such as kissing or hugging him
and for pregnant women should follow Dr. to check the work and the appropriate analysis of the parasite

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim
Consultant Animal Medicine and Surgery

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